Hi. I’m a highly-functional piece of shit. Well, that’s what I was, now you can call me just shit.

I was happy once. Now, I think happiness just ain’t worth the price. It seems the merrier you feel, the worse you’re gonna get when it’s over.
It seems the people you trust and love most are the ones who are going to make you fall the hardest.

I can deal with lots of thing. I can’t deal with being lied to, can’t deal with dishonesty. I rather accepting lack of love than hearing empty love promises. At least, the first one I can respect.
Love is not something that wears off in a month. If it does, it’s not love. Or it was, just on my side.

Right now, I wish I was 14 again.
The 14 year old me had guts, I don’t. I can’t end this anymore. The 14 year old me made a promise that she couldn’t keep, to take care of herself and to try harder to be better.
Now, I’m the one here, suffering because of a stupid mistake I made 15 years ago.

Now, all there’s left is this mess, and I can’t fix this.
I can’t even pretend to function, like I did for so long.

I’m just left here, wondering: will it ever end?

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  1. thaez disse:

    vai passar, não tem jeito, é o clichê: tudo uma questão de tempo

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